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4 Signs To Know If A Guy Wants Relationship Or S£x

When someone wants to date you, they usually want to share the good news with the world. They have a wonderful and beautiful partner, and they are in love. They tell their parents. They tell their friends. They change their Facebook relationship status and happily post a photo of the two of you together.

1. If from day one he is trying to get into your p*nties, then that's what he wants. If he wants to be in a serious relationship with you, he'll be a lot slower putting the moves on.

2. When a man is interested in starting a genuine relationship with a woman, he will be willing to forego s*x for a period of time to prove to you that he is genuine, out of respect and he'd like to get to know you first. Of course it's up to you if you would like to initiate s*x or not, but I personally don't think it does much to prove anything in the beginning but say you give yourself away too easily. In short: Any man who isn't willing to actively portray these simple gestures isn't worth pursuing.

3. If he forces himself on you, run away from him at all. He is not in for a serious relationship, instead he is there for s*x. A guy who loves you will never force himself on you. He will be willing to wait until you are ready. If he doesn’t want to wait for a while, set him free. Don’t fight about it.

4. If he's interested in you as a person, he will make an effort to spend time with you. Hanging out, watching movies, going places, talking. The times you're together won't always lead to s*x. But if it's late night visits, he doesn't stay, he doesn't take you anywhere or invite you to places. If the majority or all the visits end in s*x, then s*x is all he's after. If he calls late at night to catch up, start saying no. Put some boundaries in place and stick to them. You'll soon know what his intentions are.

In conclusion: If you have an interest in him that lasts longer than 24 hours, you need to watch how he treats you. Does he show any interest in your happiness or safety? Is he interested in how you have become the girl or woman you are? Does he care about your opinions on any non-s*xual subject? Does he treat you gently or does he try to be aggressive and forceful in his interactions with you? Does he smile at you in an other-than-predatory way? Does he try to see that you are warm, fed, comfortable? When he touches you, is it in places that are not designed to be arousing? Is his focus on the next 20 minutes or is it in the next 20 days?

These are questions you need to ask yourself. Then, your answer will determine if he wants a relationship or just s*x.

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