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Godly Love Relationship ; Balancing Emotion and Reasoning

In  every Relationship, there is a strong need for a balance in dealing with the damsel or brother you so much love, without balance a catastrophe is about to be born. Emotion can make you do what is not proper, give what is not holy, take steps that are not accurate and say words that are impossible when it is stirred and hyped. Every relationship that is driven by emotion is an accident waiting to happen. Many disappointment and heart  breaks happen because of either wrong investment of emotions or substation of reasoning with emotions which are highly unpredictable. One of the things that you and I need always do is to continuously and invariably bring our emotions to firm control.

When we allow our emotions to run hire  wire, good things will be subverted and our destines could become ruined. Emotions are indeed unpredictable. The unpredictability of emotion is not shrouded in mystery because we can see all around us, lives that have been positively or negatively affected as a result of either positive or negative expressions of emotions.

I pray for someone reading this writing , that your emotion will not consume and waste your destiny in Jesus Name.

The point is, our emotions are uncertain, unreliable, unstable, whimsical, erratic and capriciously dicey. Never allow your emotion to think for you or be the sole driving force of your relationship. In the world today, we see people investing in emotions without reasoning. Never allow your emotions to think for you or allow it to be the sole determining factor in your relationships. This would be tragic. Emotional restraint is needed today if one must not be a victim of predators. We have a lot of them around, waiting to take advantage of vulnerable, the heedless. The impetuous, the unguarded and the unwatchful, who cannot bring the fervor of their emotion under control.

We must learn to put our emotions under, and place our reasoning power above .

More wisdom in Jesus Name.


Now Talitha Cumi.


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Godly Love Relationship


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