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Ten Ways To Improve Relationships

Ten Ways To Improve Relationships

1. Share: Even if you are on your 'spiritual journey' in the process of 'waking-up' you do not need to hide away or feel that others may be a threat to your inner journey. We are choosing to be here at this time when awakening is all about being part of all that is. So no need to hide. If you are feeling this way, look within, track the feeling and look at the thought that is creating this fear. You can then heal it.

2. Express gratitude. Each morning thank the universe for your beautiful life and with this whom you same your life. Ask that wherever you can be a channel for the Divine's love to heal wounding between you, that it be shown to you and to be guided in healing the issue with love and compassion.

3. Look Within: When words of others hurt or upset you, ask to be shown as to why you are attracting it. Look for the answer within as to the 'why'. The cause of a lot of our reactions in life are buried in the subconscious part of the mind. Time to pull up those old weeds and grow love instead.

4Look Beyond: If you are irritated by someone in your relationship/s, or do not like their habits, or a particular habit, ask to see the beauty that also resides within them. Go past what is being shown to you and connect to their beautiful soul. In this way your loving action will encourage their inner beauty to display itself.

5. Encourage: Encourage rather than discourage by praising your friend, partner, children in their endeavours to grow, to change, to improve. If you find yourself acting or speaking otherwise, maybe there is a part of you that needs your loving encouragement so it no longer feels left out.

6. Take Care of You: Develop a loving mindset and so lead by example, and by Being. Others will lose their fear of letting go and follow your loving leadership.

7. Smile/Laugh. Laughing opens doors to our soul where it may enter into our mind and so help bring us closer to expressing our true self.

8. Take responsibility. All of your actions and thoughts belong to you. Own them and so begin the process of self healing and transformation. Own your issues and especially do not let them flow over into your relationships in that moment of anger or frustration.

9. Practice daily mediation or self reflection: Be committed to you. Spend time getting to know the real you by going within. There is nothing but love there. If you venture in you will find YOU which is most radiant, most divine, safe, and most beautiful.

10. Speak from the heart. Connect to your heart before speaking and so be true to you speaking your divine truth.

Sandy Hounsell founder of Soulawaken is on a mission to clear the toxic dustbin that is holding people back from stepping forward into the vibrant, healthy joyful lives they deserve.

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