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What it means when your boyfriend or husband kisses your neck

As a form of communication, kissing explains more than what a lover can't explain with words. Apart from being a way to put you and your lover in the mood for romance and lovemaking, kissing is the best way of communicating in the love language. The language love understands is kissing and intimacy. That is why some people kiss to show how much they love their partners.

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There are different types of kisses and each have its own unique meaning. But they generally mean a form of communication, or a proof of love. Among these types of kisses is a particular one that is of absolute importance to us in this article. This has been explained below.

Neck kiss. This is a pleasurable kiss on the neck of a partner by his or her lover. It is sensitive because the neck is a sensitive part of the body, though, not so sensitive. The sensitivity of the neck as a part of the body does not contribute to the actual meaning of neck kiss.

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Neck kiss means more than it appears. I know you will be wondering what it means and why a man should even kiss his wife or girlfriend on the neck in the first place. I have the answer below.

As a woman, how do you feel when your husband or boyfriend kisses your neck? You feel great right? I am pretty sure that you feel great and loved each time he kisses your neck. Of course, that is the idea of a neck kiss.

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Just like every other form of kiss, neck kiss is a way to show a woman that you love her if it is coming from her husband or boyfriend and vice versa. It is a sign of true love. Actually, neck kiss means more than this. Now let's get to the actual meaning of neck kiss.

According to Times of India, a romantic neck kiss means that your partner can't get enough of you. It means that your boyfriend or husband loves you and he is drawn to you passionately.

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This is trying to explain that if your boyfriend or husband kisses you on your neck, he is indirectly making an unbreakable promise to you. What is this promise spoken of? You would ask. He is promising to you that he will never stop loving you because he can't get enough of you.

He is saying that he will never get tired of you because you makes him happy. Of course, he can't get fed up if he is truly in love with you.

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