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A lady should flee from any man that does these things in their relationship

It is possible for a lady to date a guy for sometime, but he doesn't have her time. You as a lady may be dying for a man that doesn't takes you for anything. Most dates are toy play ground . It is good to know if a man picks your green signs or value the onion soups you have been giving him. Bodies and hearts of most girls are mere social toys or flickers in the eyes, hands and minds of most guys to peruse. Many ladies have wasted many years, times and resources where they are not needed nor valued in the places of men. When a man cannot reciprocate the love of woman, it is expedient that such a lady repositioned herself on time. It is the aim of this article to bring to the front burner those signs that show ladies when men are not in 'love' with them in the arena of dates.

1. Collect a woman's number in your presence:

Any man that asked and collect another lady's phone number (who is not his relative) openly in your presence does not love you truly.

2. Call and book appointment with other lady at your presence:

Any man that calls another lady in your presence and book an appointment with her is worthy of abandonment. Also, if he picks a lady's call and steps away quite often to book a date, flee from him.

3. Sleep in same room with you and other ladies:

When a guy is fun of sleeping with you in one room, with other girls and/or boys in that same room at nights, he does not love you. It is a camouflage or smokescreen kind of relationship.

4. Sleep with your friends behind your back:

Any guy that asked and sleep out with your friends, colleagues or neighbors behind your back is a mere cheater and just using you to give clemency to his erotic urge.

5. Don't allow you a visit even you politely asked him for his permission to do so:

When you seek lover's permission to visit him at home, he will often times gives you flimsy excuses, like he is on fasting, he is observing sanctity day or he may be doing night prayer with a prophet, please flee from him. He doesn't respond to calls at night.

6. Gives you money only when he makes love to you:

He likes giving you upkeep allowances only after lovemaking with him. Even if you meet him at home, office or somewhere else, without having fun together, he may drop you off or grant you fare. Do keep off from him for your own good.

7. He momentarily ignored your calls:

He likes avoiding your calls most of the times pretending to be busy, be on conference call, being in a meeting or being at naked place. He may even promise to call you back but may never do so. Please turn your antenna to another direction.

8. He likes to avoid making lovely comments on your timeline on social media:

He likes visiting your pages in the social media but only to spy on you and read other people's comments on your posts. He hardly drop a comment to portents love, closeness or friendship so that attention might not be drawn to him. He doesn't love you.

8. He hardly make a date with you:

He may have taken you on outings on few occasions during the toasting days. After eating the 'buddy ', he hardly makes a date with you on daylight or any other times openly and freely. He hardly eats out with you., but may buy fast-foods for use at home. His likeness for you, if any, has faded and gone away.

9. No request for you to come home and do cooking for him:

He knows that another lady might meet you in his house. Doing his cooking keeps you too close and makes you spend longer hours with him, so he avoids you doing it.

10. He hardly wants his neighbors and friends to notice you with him:

This calls for undue attention and preferences for you. So he plays 'sneaking in' and "gropping out' with you. He may be telling you that he doesn't want to expose you too much at this early days of the relationship. It is a fallacy of misadventure. Try and re-park to avoid regrets or frustration.

It is one thing for a man to admire you or possibly come after you and maybe date you but does not and may not love you. He may play around you and toyed with your emotions but he is quite far affectionately from you. He may 'bark and groin' atimes, but he embraces not. He operates on the principles of catch and treat and available variety. It is quite frustrating to know that you don't have a space in the heart of someone you cherished.

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