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A Short Romantic Story About Love At First Sight (Fiction)

It all started on a Saturday morning when my female friend⁩ and I was on our way to the supermarket to get some groceries, meanwhile on our way, we were so carried away with our gist (you know ladies talk) without noticing someone was coming in our direction and unfortunately I bumped into him unexpectedly which makes me staggered and fell.

On seeing me down, he brought forth his hand to me and lifted me up from the ground, which I absentmindedly accepted and in a jiffy I was right back on my foot, so I wanted to apologised to him but as I opened my mouth words were not coming out because I was flabbergasted with the creation standing right in front of me; I was dumbfounded seeing this demi-god.

I was already falling in love instantly with him but I composed myself not to look stupid before him and I apologised to him and he replied with a killer smile and a lovely voice telling me it's nothing to be worried about, on hearing this I was relieved, so we were about to take our leave out of the supermarket when he suddenly held me back by my arm to do little introduction of himself by telling his name and he also said that he was on his way to visit his friend who lives in the neighborhood.

After the introduction, he asked for my mobile phone number which I was a bit reluctant to give (though na 9ja girl shakara something I was know that feelings when your crush eventually asked for your mobile phone number, you will feel like a butterfly is flying in your own stomach).

So after much plead from him, I gave in to his request (like I have already wanted to) and he promised to contact me later in the day and we bade each other a good-bye and go our separate ways..

Will my demi-god call back?

Has he also fallen in love?

What will be his motive onward?

Will there be any emotional connection between us?

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First Sight


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