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After I Trained My Girlfriend In University, She Rejected Me Because Of These 10 Things (Fiction)

I wish you could feel how heartbroken I am, how heartbroken I was, and how heartbroken I am always going to be through this article. My heart is bleeding, my heart is weeping profusely, my heart is shedding blood tears, and it was all because of my girlfriend.

I was 13 years old when I lost my parents. I lived with my aunt who doesn't even care about my well-being for 10 years. I started living alone when I was chased out by my aunt with only one aim "I have to make it to university". I met this beautiful girl when I was just 24 years old, and we started dating. The fact that she was orphan, and a secondary graduate hoping to make it to university made us more than compatible.

She was 20, and lived with her grandmother. We'd do anything for each other, for our happiness, for our love. After working non-stop for 3 years, I proposed an idea, and which was sending her to university with my hard-earned savings. She rejected my offer at first claiming I shouldn't waste my money on her, but she later agreed after all.

I worked so hard, I doubled my hustle that I became addict to an energy drink, just to make enough for money, so she wouldn't suffer in university. Four years passed, and a thought crossed my mind which was proposing on her graduation day. However, the day turned out to be a sadness filled one when the girl I had hoped would happily accept my offer, rejected me in front of masses.

I was terribly confused, and sad. I left her graduation ceremony in pains, and with a broken heart. I thought maybe she needed time, so I called few days later, and I asked why she rejected my proposal, but she said she couldn't bring herself to marry someone like me because of these things;

1. She said I was not educated enough to marry her.

2. She said I don't know how to treat a lady.

3. She said she didn't like the way I dress.

4. She said I was not handsome enough for her.

5. She said I eat too much.

6. She said I was greedy to think of marrying her.

7. She said she couldn't marry a man who doesn't work in a big company.

8. She said I snore too much.

9. She said I was addicted to energy drink.

10. She said I was a liar (which is false)

I thought I could trust her, but that was what I got in return. After God, fear woman.

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