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Being loved; the secret to being loveable that you need to know

I think being loved is one of those things we human cherish. That feeling of knowing that those around you cherish and admire you is something so many of us crave for. There are people who are naturally loveable, they do not seek or fight for other people to show them love. And there are those who are often feeling unloved and uncared for. They feel they were not created to be loved and therefore hate themselves and build walls between themselves and love.

However,I want to let them know that no one was born to be loved or not to be loved. We all deserve to be loved and happy. But the thing is that we cannot be cared for if we do not make ourselves loveable. Becoming loveable starts with you, it is yourself that you need to love first. Develop that feeling of self love first. I'm sure that you are not expecting others to love you when you do not love yourself.

Learning to become loveable through self affection is not something that happens overnight. You need to constantly practice the act of loving oneself. The amount of love you shower upon yourself can sometimes determine how much love you receive from others.

In addition ,self love is not enough to becoming a person whom people will always love. You need to show affection to other people too. Be a radiater of joy and make people feel loved whenever they are around you . Do not as a result of one hurtful experience,no matter how painful it is , stop showering other people with unconditional love.

Also, do not build walksy, barricades between yourself and love because of one rejection or abandonment or heartbreak. To become loveable you must first love yourself and others . Self love and love for others is the secret to being loveable.

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