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Husband and wife relationship

Types of Compliments Your Partner Wants to Hear From You

Many times we talk more about what men should do to make their wives and their lovers happy. This sometimes makes it look as though the men are "irons" who do not need compliments or care from their spouse or their girlfriends.

But the truth is, men also want to be celebrated and they feel good when it is coming from someone they love. Your husband may not tell you to do this or that, but he will appreciate it if you compliment him in the following five ways.

1. Compliments his appearance. Your husband wants you to compliment his look. It is one of the ways to keep his focus on you and get his attention more. Let your husband feel good about the way he looks so that if he hears it outside, it will not be a new thing to him. You can say, "you have a charming look, I like your bears, my cute husband, what a handsome husband I have", etc. Your husband will feel good and you know he will reciprocate.

2. Compliment his efforts. Your hard-working husband needs to be appreciated in a little way. You may not buy things for him but you can use your words to make him feel good and be happy to do more. What you should know is that the needs in the family will never end and you may not have all you want from him on the same day. So, don't form the habit of always complaining about what you do not have, what he has not done, etc. Compliments his efforts in caring for you and the children. Call him "my caring husband, you are trying dear, I thank God I married you". If he buys something while coming back from work, appreciate him. Make sure you appreciate all his little efforts to provide for you. He will be encouraged to do more.

3. Compliments that show you believe in his ability. When you sense your husband is feeling a bit worried or tired, you can use your compliments to renew his strength and make him feel better. Your words can make him gather inner strength as he faces the future with you. Tell him things like...

My king, I will reign with you forever. My powerful husband, my able to do man. Honey, you are hard-working seriously, I can't believe you have finished that task within few days. "Do you know that people want to work with you because they trust you and they believe in your ability?" "You are very amazing at what you do. I am proud of you my dear." Words like these will make your husband know that you recognize his ability.

4. Compliments that show you respect him. It is not a sin if you choose to call your husband by his name, so far the two of you are okay with it. But using words that show respect for your husband will make him feel better especially when he is with people. Words like, my crown, my hero, I saw what you bought for me, thank you, sir, etc

5. Compliments that show you believe in his future. Call him the father of your children with joy, call him your chief executive officer, call him the international big business owner(IBBO), etc. I know you will be great. I am always on your side, love, and so on.

If you feel good when your husband uses sweet words for you, it will be good if you use these words and more for your husband and see how it will go, you will be happy you did.

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