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Igbo, Hausa And Yoruba, Which Of The Three Tribes Have The Most Beautiful Women In Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country blessed with natural resources and multilingual languages. Nigerians are known to be African giant of the continent.

We have 3 major tribes in the country. The Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. Although there many other tribes, but those major tribes of Nigeria.

So today, I have put contest between the trio tribes. The contest is about any of the three major tribes that has the most beautiful women. I will upload pictures of women from each of various tribes and you will be the judge. You shall decide the tribe with the most beautiful women.

Also tell us your reasons for choosing the tribe you think has the most beautiful women in Nigeria.

1. Igbo Women

2. Yoruba Women

3. Hausa Women

This post is meant for educational purposes only, and not meant to troll any of tribes.

Among the three tribes, which one do you think have the most beautiful women? Let's us know what your answer is via the comment section.

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