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5 Tips On How To Stop Verbal Abuse In A Relationship.

Abuse comes in various forms and not all of which are physical. When someone frequently uses words to demean, intimidate someone, it is considered verbal abuse. Verbal abuse takes a toll. It can even sometimes escalate into physical abuse too.

Below are tips on how to stop verbal abuse in marriage.

Number one let the abuser drain out his frustration. Do not endeavor to argue with them. In hope that he will stop yelling, and the verbal abuse will not escalate into physical violence.

Number two, talk calmly to the person. Never talk back or motivate him to blow up. Just tell the other person calmly that you don't appreciate being spoken to like that in such a manner.

Number three, you can decide to seek counseling. Counseling can help you to deal with the issue. You can suggest counseling to your significant other as well. Let them know that you want to work on your marriage so that you can both have a blissful, genuine, strong, and connected marriage.

Number four, leave the marriage. If the verbal abuse doesn't stop, you can choose to leave the marriage. Do not allow the person to proceed to berate you as if you are nothing. If you have tried everything, despite how the person continues to treat you, you may decide to walk away. Although this may hurt, still it is the only way to stop the abuse.

Number five, you can decide to enclose yourself with a support system. Surrounding yourself with friends and family can give you the emotional backing you may need. Discuss with them what is occurring and how you are feeling. Their support can help keep you strong, safe and motivated. 

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