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Starting a relationship with purpose

It is a common saying that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. This applies to virtually every situation of life. When you fail to understand the purpose of the relationship you have just started, believe me, abuse of it is inevitable.

We most times make the mistake of making our emotions a priority when it comes to choosing a relationship partner, failing to understand that there is more to relationship than emotions. There are days when love will just not be enough to hold that relationship tight enough.

Emotions fail, emotions come and go, but what keeps a relationship is the purpose why it started in the first place.

Have you ever sat down with your partner and discuss;

1. What brought you both together in the first place

2. What brought you so far to the point you are in your relationship at the moment

3. What will take you to your destination; that's if you have any defined destination.

I will dwell a bit more on the third point. When you don't have a destination, then why start out on the journey in the first place? It is expected that when two people intend going into a relationship, they should outline the following and sort them out strictly:

1. Intentions

2. Finances

3. Goals (personal and mutual)

4. Relationship goals (short term and long term)

5. Boundaries

All these are key issues that needs to be sorted before the relationship gets too far.

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