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14 Mindset To Have Before Going Into A Relationship

Relationships can be quite exhausting with all the requisite obligations that comes with it. If you are going into one, then you should be appropriately prepared. Here are the fourteen best tips to bear in mind before delving into one:

1. Love is not an attachment, love is liberation. If you love someone then you must set him and yourself free, do not chain you both into your idea of love, do not dump your truck full of expectations on him or her.

2. The person who is least attached has the most power in a relationship. This comes from point number 1. Attachment causes misery, makes you vulnerable, clingy and quarrelsome.

3. Love never happens by chance. Falling in love is always a choice so is staying in love. There will always be people you would feel are better than your partner so be ready to make a choice every single day.

4. Your partner is your reflection. Knowingly or unknowingly we teach them how to love. So teach him or her kindness, patience, selflessness, loyalty and trust.

5. Loving shouldn’t feel like rowing a boat upstream, it should be as easy as breathing.

6. Things might not feel as euphoric as you imagined them in your mind, it is always better in imagination, trust me.

7. With any relationship problem, there are three sides to it: his (or hers), hers (or his), and the truth. Learn to see the truth.

8. People change all the time but what is meant to be yours will be yours so learn to let go. (They return every damn time only after you have truly let them go but by then you do not want them anymore).

9. Love is always selfish. Even when you are doing something for them you feel is a sacrifice, you are always wishing for something in return. Never say “I did this for you”. You always do it for yourself because it meant something to you.

10. Nobody is perfect, are you? Learn to love the imperfections.

11. Don’t try to be a parent, be a companion, be a friend, be an advisor but never a parent. Trust their decisions, don’t push your idea of right and wrong to them.

12. Before you ask if he/she is a right person, ask if you are the right person. Would you want to be in a relationship with a person like yourself? Think.

13. A lot of what happens with people in a relationship is because of our emotional state of which we are in charge. Nothing can hurt us, bother us unless we give it the power to.

14. Love can be anything but mediocre. Love has to be divine, it has to be great, it has be extravagant to be worthy of your time and energy. So when you fall in love, rather rise in love, make it divine.

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