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Wedding planning scene

See the pre-wedding pictures people are talking about (photos)

Marriage in our society these days is define by a lot of persons the way they perceive life to be. It has become a culture or better put a norm, how people now prioritize pictures before marriage as though it is part of the requirement for marriage.

A lady posted the picture of two young couples and it is no doubt a controversial picture as many person read meaning to it. Many persons believed it could have been a forced marriage as the two couples look somehow angry at each other or perhaps they are naturally angry.

In the north it is very common to have fixed marriages especially among cousins and far or distant family members. See the picture below and see how people reacted to it.

One of the comments reads: "con look like say the two both of them hold bottle for one hand dey wait make light mistakenly off"

Do you believe the marriage is a forced one or perhaps they are not happy about the marriage yet? Do not forget to share your views.

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