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Here Are 4 Instances Where You Should Always Say No To Your Boyfriend

I'm sure many of my readers will try to make fun of me after reading this, but I'll keep telling the truth no matter what. My recommendation to young ladies is to pay close attention in each situation they find themselves in.

1. They'll keep asking to sleep with you, therefore staying in shape is more important than entrusting your most valuable possessions to a man who may or may not cherish them in the future.

We're Africans, after all, and if he isn't your spouse and won't marry you, he isn't worth it. When a man falls in love with you, it is you, not that he desires. Only those in a hurry to have something with you aren't truly in love with you. As a result, don't make a man fall in love with you by giving him what he want.

2. Paying them an excessive amount of attention. When you show too much attention in a man, he will think he is the most important person on the earth and that you will be unable to live without him. As a result, he will not be sad if he cheats. All he needs to do now is apologize. Ladies, don't let a man take you for granted.

3. Don't fall for his ruse and hand up your assets to him. Between love and folly, there is a distinction to be established. Be cautious when adjusting to a man. Most guys nowadays aren't who they claim to be, so keep in mind that as long as he isn't your spouse, he must respect his boundaries and stay away from such things.

The truth is that most guys will abandon a woman after they've used her. And, in light of the Yahoo boys' situation, we must all exercise caution when dealing with sensitive matters like this.

4. Don't let strangers see your underwear. Many people want nudity, and a stunning statistic that you may not be aware of is that 90% of them gather it and flaunt it to their friends. A man may ask you a question about your nudity on social media, and if you respond, the information goes viral, as it has in the past. Don't make this error if you're dealing with a man.

Gentlemen, if it isn't too much bother, always acknowledge and appreciate a lady because she isn't something you'll use and discard. They have the potential to be immensely valuable, and without them, many things would be impossible.

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