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How You May Know Whether A Man Is Interested in You or He is Just A Friend

Love is a complex word and it may not be that simple to know when a man is interested in you or when he is just being friendly with you. Being friendly and being in love, may look similar. For instance, a man may travel and while coming back, will buy something for you. This is what a man who is in love should do but it can also be done by a man who just sees you as a good lady and just decided to buy it for as just friends.

If you fall into this kind of situation, you may not know how to place your mood. It can be more demanding if you have feelings for him and you just want him to open up. Or when other men are coming around you but you just wish that he will be able to tell you what he wants since he kept on showing you signs that looks like he has interest in you.

If you found yourself in such situations, this article will help you get some tips that may be of help to you. So that you will be able to know whether he is in love with you or he is just being friendly.

Below are things a man will do if he is in love with you.

1. Spend time with you more than others in your workplace. If your colleague in your workplace spends more time with you than others. That might be an indication that he has interest in you. But you may still have to wait and give him some time because a man can be coming around you just because he sees you as a friend and nothing more. So don't conclude just because he comes around.

2. He prefers looking at your face when he comes around you instead of looking at his phone. When a man has a special interest in you, he will not like distractions. Even though he is holding his phone and you come to visit him, to deliver a message or meet him somewhere, he will keep looking at your face more often than he looks at his phone or any other thing.

3. He wants to know more about you. When a man starts making efforts to know more about you. Maybe he starts asking you things like, where you grew up, your village, your parent's location, the number of siblings you have. He may want to know you more because his interest in you may be more than just a friend, he may want to be your life partner.

4. He tells you about his achievements to make you pick interest in him. A man may start telling you about his achievements if he wants you to have interest in him too. He may want you to know that he is not lazy and to convince you that you will not suffer if you agree to marry him.

5. He uploads your picture on social media. Everybody can wish you a happy birthday on your special day. But a man who has an interest in you will go a step further by uploading your picture on social media and may tag his friends asking them to wish you a happy birthday. When you see this, you should know that the man has interest in you and he wants the world to know.

6. The way he hugs you can tell it all. Finally, when he hugs you, you will feel the difference and you should be able to know that he has feelings for you. A man may give you a friendly hug which should not take up to 10 seconds. But when a man who has feelings for you hugs you, he will stay longer and you will feel a tingle down your spine, it will be gentler and slightly more sensual. These things are not forced, it just comes naturally so you will surely know when it happens.

This way, you will know that the man truly has interest in you and he is willing to make you his life partner if you allow him to.

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