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11 Secrets It's Okay You Keep From Your Boyfriend

Best policy. There are some things you should not say. You do not have to tell your spouse everything, especially when you know that the truth is that everything is a mess and the whole situation is complicated. There are things like white lies - these are lies you tell when you know the truth can hurt a situation. And you do not want to cause unnecessary damage to your relationship because of your excessive lust for the things you have obscured.

So, if you are wondering about things you do not have to be honest with your friend, then you have come to the right place. Here are some secrets you can keep for your spouse.

1. You do not have to tell him about his horrible style.

You do not want to hurt her feelings by telling her directly that you hate her. But if you really want to do something about her wardrobe, you can give her subtle hints and tips on how to style her clothes.

2. You do not have to tell her that she shares similarities / differences with your ex.

Accept, he is someone you like and has certain qualities and characteristics that you are looking for from your partners. So there is no doubt that he will share some similarities with your ex. And while that’s the truth, it’s not something you should always share with him.

3. You do not have to tell him that you hate his mother.

It is always difficult when you are not with the mother of the person you love. But at the end of the day, if he really loves you, it doesn’t matter. But you should not give him the impression that you do not want to be with the woman who raised him who he is now.

4. You do not have to tell him that other people love you.

Hey, just because a relationship does not mean you will automatically be blind to other good people. You will still have a large portion of your crushes. And that's okay. This is normal. However, they are crushed so you do not have to tell your friend.

5. You do not have to tell him that he is not that good in the room.

Instead of ruining her mind by telling her that she is not good in bed, you can improve her bedroom skills in a more subtle way. Remember that her bag skills are very good for her. He can be sensitive to this. So instead of telling him directly that he is pleading, try to lead him in certain positions as you do so.

6. You do not have to tell him about the random innocent stranger fighting with you.

Hey, if you do not wear a contact ring then you are a free game in the eyes of all strangers. And if any person approaches you to flirt with you, politely return to him and tell him you are not available. And these are not the things your spouse should know. It's just focused on him.

7. You do not have to tell her that you think her friend (s) are attractive.

Again, you will have some crush - and sometimes they will crush on his friends. But this is not really a problem unless you act. And if you just keep these crushes for yourself, it’s completely harmless.

8. You do not have to gossip about your friends' failed relationships.

Men hate drama - and if your friend is like most men, he or she will not want to hear about the drama going on between your friends and their girlfriends. He did not want to include himself in that story; so it is better not to include him in that.

9. You don’t have to tell him you don’t like how he handles his money.

Money is always sensitive, especially in a relationship. So unless you and your spouse are truly sharing your finances, you have no right to tell him or her how he or she spends his or her money, especially if you approach him or her in a very angry way.

10. You do not have to tell him you are thinking about destruction.

Do not give him anything to worry about unless you are absolutely sure.

11. You do not have to tell him that your friends do not like him.

Yes, it would be nice if all your friends love your guy. But he could not make everyone happy. And you don't have to tell him that some people don't like him. It can create unnecessary tension and drama in your social circle.

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