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5 Things That Make Girls Get Attached To A Guy

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Well, there is no golden rule to this question, but there are a couple of things that I have observed which make girls attached to a guy. Here are some of those things below;

1. A girl may have many friends but the one she gets attached to is usually the one she can depend upon, who she knows won’t judge her and will understand her when the circumstances go against her.

2. Girls usually don’t expect their “special friend” to have six-packs or “contacts in mafia to take down whomever messes around”. Those things can be complimentary but what matters much more is the emotional and mental strength of the guy. Girls usually do prefer guys with higher intellect than their own.

3. The guys who are clingy - hanging around the girl all the time, keep texting and emotionally too much dependent - usually end up being friend-zoned by the girls. Girls prefer guys who are self-dependent, carry a respectful attitude and neither too stubborn nor too fragile.

4. Remember: A girl likes to date adventurous guy who is “cool” and everything but the guy she settles with is someone with a serious life goal, a career and someone she can depend upon. So don’t act like your life ends with you because girls want you to have your own life, your own dreams and goals in life.

5. First Impression

- your dressing (specially shoes)

- the way you carry yourself

- diversity in talking to different people and talking on different topics

- your words

- facial expressions

Some special points:

- No matter what kind of dressing you have, you will always find girl who like it the most. So, if you wanna target a specific girl or a specific type of a girl (social or economic backgrounds), you should dress accordingly. (and yes, according to the occasion too)

- Remember, Its not what you say, but how you say it.

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