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Certain areas our parents failed us

I bumped into a post on social media about a child begging on the street and a question was asked, 

who failed this young begger? 

So I decided to share my opinion in this wonderful article, read on. 

It is no longer a statement for arguement that children are blessings from God, and every child is born with a bright and blessed future no matter the family background.

Every child's wellbeing is the sole responsibility of there parents and not the government or society.

Every child sent to the street to hawk or beg by his or her parent is as a result their parent's failure. We all know there are unexpected circumstances but every parent is supposed to establish themselves to a certain financial level, establish a business before going into child bearing.

Every parent is supposed to be their children's role model, but how many of us today can boldly call them that, some children watched their fathers beat up their mothers, some saw their mothers challenged their fathers. All these has caused more harm to the children, some male child has lost respect for women because of what they learnt from their fathers

The Bible says "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" Proverbs 22:66. What ever you fail to tell your children when they are growing up, they grow up becoming ignorant of them and relying on what they hear from friends.

Here are few things our parents failed to tell us when we were younger :

1. Our parents never told us that our success is not builded on what they themselves has acquired or on school qualifications but they are ladders we climb to get to our dreams.

This alone has made alot of youths both graduate and non graduate dependent on people. Parents should work on their children's confidence to a point where they can stand on their own, support the dreams they have passion for.

2. They never told us at our teen age that sex education, emotional feelings and erections all exist.

When our parents fail to tell us all of these, our friends becomes our teachers telling us what they feels like neglecting the dangers. All these results to rapes, prostitutions etc.

3. Our parents never told us about love, that we don't live for our selves alone.

Every body has destinies tied to them, our existence should be a blessing to others too and not just our family members alone. Not everyone is privileged as some people are, some are waiting to be empowered by the privileged ones.

So let's see your opinions about this by hitting the comment box and don't forget to like 💗 and share..

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