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Opinion: Do you Want to Know What Makes a Relationship Healthy ?

Do you want to know what can lead you to happy relationship, or do you want to fix your ill relationship?

You're at a good place, friend. Head on and read what will bring happiness and sustained unconditional love between two of you.


Any relationship without trust is destined to fail, if your partner have no trust in you, you will lose your respect. It sucks to find out that someone you trust is cheating on you.


Deep conversation is expressing your though enough for your partner to really understand you. for instance, while having conversation about a topic don't just reply and quickly jump to the next topic, stay long enough and share your experience. Deep conversation often bring connection between two people. Its a nice way to get connected to your partner's heart.

Give value.

If you don't have any value to offer, no one will like to stay around you, it is so simple! Never appear needy and clingy in relationship. Add value to your partner's life and always be there to show care and support. Be the person that will write their story together with!

Have a nice time together.

It's how you make someone feel matter, not the words you use. People like to stay around with who make them feel special, build a health relationship through having a nice time together with you and express warmth, power and present to show empathy and care. No matter how busy you're, you can still find time for your relationship.

Be a grounded person.

Be self reliant. Find your life purpose and know your goal. Improve your life through adding more value to your life by consistently working toward your goals. A grounded man is someone that is confident and everyone want to be around him because of his kindness, he know exactly what he want and have a solid plan to achieve it.

Incorporate these five things into your relationship and see it growing healthy and happy.

What are your thoughts?

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