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3 Reasons Why A woman May Not Want to Start A Relationship With You.

Here are three things a woman will feel or see and she will not want to start a relationship. These factors must be evaluated by men so that they can avoid the situations of having feelings for a lady and not be able to convince her for a relationship.

1. When she is not convinced about your love: when a lady is not convinced about your love, she will not want to get entangled. Women cherish men that love them and show these feelings concretely. Women don't like situations where it seems they are forcing themselves on you. When a woman is not sure of your love for her, she will be unwilling to start a relationship with you.

2. When she is not sure of your prospects: when a woman is not sure about your plans or prospects as a man, she will not want to start a relationship with you because she doesn't want to waste he time in a relationship that will not lead to marriage. Most ladies want their relationship to end in a marriage but that's only possible when they choose a man that has prospects. So as a man you have to convince a lady that you have a plan and that your prospects are promising.

3. When she has no interest in you: most ladies may not want to start a relationship with guys because they don't have interest in them, although this may play out at the initial stage when you guys just met but can also continue with time. You as the guy have to be dynamic to conform to the person that suits her interest.

In conclusion, the good news is that you can change the perception of a woman and get yourself into her heart, all you need to do is to allow yourself to express what you feel within genuinely. It may be hard sometimes to get the woman that you love to fall for you, but whatever it takes you have to be persistent because your happiness lies in doing what makes your heart happy.

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