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Subtle signs a shy guy likes you

Perhaps, you have noticed a guy who shoot stares at you and whenever your eyes meets he looks towards a different direction so as to not make you find out his true intent. You are in the right place.

In this article, I'm going to outline "Subtle signs even a shy person can't hide when they have feelings for you"

Shyness is the lack of comfort, the feelings of timidness and inability to express oneself among other people. Being shy gives the natural ability to comport oneself a gathering of People and takes the ability to be able to talk to people even worse with someone they have a crush one.

Grab your potato chips as Wordliner writes you the subtle Signs to look out for.

You'll catch him staring at you: The only way shy people flirt, this is the number one sign to look out for, he's not good with words but his eyes will never lie to you. It's the most common trait of a shy person. They will admire you from afar than say something "Lame" that will make them feel embarrassed.

They are nervous around you: When you see someone you like, your heart pounds at a speed of light and you get nervous. Same happens with the shy guy but on a lager scale.They become clueless as to what to do, so they become real quiet.

He will mirror you: Although, this doesn't only happen with shy people, but it's a subtle signs that can't be hidden. They will unconsciously mirror your body movements without even realising it.

He's Jealous: A shy guy instinctually gets really jealous when a girl he has a thing for is talking with other guys, he tries not to show this but it's an easy give away. His eyes may not look towards your direction but his heart and mind are staring right at you.

His eye brow lifts when he sees you: Yes, it's the hardest to notice cause it takes merely a second but if you are observant, you'd see this clearly. Your arrivals automatically brightens up his day.

He will complement you: He notices every single details and changes in you, from the new hairstyle to the new shoes, the fine garment you put on and the perfume you wear. He will tell you how cool they look..

He's Extra Friendly to you: This is a massive step for a shy guy and a sign that he likes you. This is a vulnerable move for him considering that he's introverted, but he just cannot help it.

So, now you know the Subtle signs that guy who smiles softly when he sees you and throws himself to help you when in a difficult actually wants from you. He digs you.

You can make it less difficult for him by smiling at him and talking to him regularly, this will help boost his confident level.

Content created and supplied by: Wordliner (via Opera News )



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