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8 Things Women Do That Excite Men

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Ladies, we bet you have always wondered what excite men. Unlike women, men are such simple beings, you don’t need to try too hard to arouse a guy. Ever thought about what excite men? Well, aside from the obvious, I mean. It turns out that there are plenty of more ‘subtle‘ things about a woman that excites the interest of a man. Below are some traits that can actually excite a man:

1. Treating him with respect and love him the way he loves you.

2. Valuing his career interests, passion for life, understanding his care on you together with his sexual desire, and more importantly respecting his TIME in the same way he value your's.

3. If he's working hard the whole week, rubbing him all over with a s*nsual er*tic massage will definitely arose him. The whole stress of the week will go melting over, getting you both to feel good.

4. K*sses on cheeks or forehead, other side of palm, warm hugs etc, literally means nothing to lot of people as this is considered as just the normal way of greeting. On the other hand, a lip-lock or Oral S*x, k*ssing on the back of his neck, areas like chest, etc has strong meaning, would definitely arouse him.

5. Being sweet to him, showing kindness, making him laugh, care and affection, honesty, greatness with good heart and more importantly, understanding him as how he is, as a person by nature.

6. Ususally, a man likes, if a girl talk to him, in a very cool and frank manner. This shows that the girl is showing interest in him and he also starts feeling for her.

7. Adoring him. Men like to be adored as well. If he is a gym guy, Adore his body, there you hit the 50% of your target. Adore his hairstyle, dressings, way he talks, his sense of humor, etc.

8. When you are with him, stay close to him as more as you can. Let him feel your closeness, your eyes must say everything, your natural body fragrance will do the magic on him.

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