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Why You Should Not Store Condom Inside Your Wallet Before Usage

The term, "prevention is better than cure" can also be applied to the use of condom (latex as the case may be) during lovemaking. More often that not, people (especially men) make use of condom when making love to their partners to prevent one or two occurrence/occurrences. First, to prevent unwanted pregnancy or deadly infections/diseases that are peculiar to lovemaking. Meanwhile, since intimacy does not have any globally drafted timetable that people should follow before making love, some men often carry condoms along with them whenever they are going out, so as to avoid unprotected lovemaking when having an impromptu intimacy. In most cases, wallet is usually the place the men in question keep their latex for easy access.

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However, inasmuch there is a high level of convenience attached to keeping condom inside a wallet, according to a health report, there is a downside to it that should not be ignored.

According to the information disclosed in the content of the report, storing condom inside wallet can lead to what is called micro - tears. What is micro - tear? It is a situation where holes that cannot be seen with our eyes are present in the condom. Once the micro holes are in the latex, it will result to breakage or leakage, which can likely end in unwanted pregnancy or contraction of STDs/STDs, most specifically with someone whose medical history we cannot vouch for.

Similarly, aside storing condom in a wallet, the medical report also unveiled other things that can lead to micro - tears to include:

1. The use of condom that has already expired. Expiration can happen before or after buying it. Latex can expire in the shop before purchasing it or get expired when under your possession if it is kept for a very long period of time before using it.

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2. When the latex does not have much lubricative oil on it, there can be invisible holes on it in the place where it is kept before or after purchase. In essence, proper lubrication does not only aid pleasurable and smooth lovemaking, it also prevent the condom from micro - tears before usage.

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Source || healthline

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