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10 things ladies wish men knew about their sex life

Most relationship has shattered because both parties failed to understand themselves. They've tried to make things work,but things aren't going as planned. The reason might be because they fail to understand themselves. Today I'll be sharing with the guys what ladies wish you knew ,most won't tell you this, while others might it depends .

1)Be honest:- if course everyone wants someone who is honest, this is no new thing so am not gonna emphasize on this.

2)Give her maximum attention:- ladies love men who gives attention to them,they love guys who are ready to listen to what they have to say.

3)Talk dirty:- a great percent of ladies love talking dirty although the degree varies, but most of them enjoy it. Study your babe to see if she does. If she loves it talk dirty with her but don't let are feel uncomfortable with that.

4)Women enjoys an adventurous man

5)They can't turn their libidos up easily like a switch:- unlike men who are always ready to have sex,ladies might take a little while before the get turned on. Guys gotta know this

6) An organism isn't the end of it

7)Don't worry if they become silent or still

8)Go much slower,don't be too fast

9) If you can't cuddle,please don't come over

10)Be sensitive to her response to what you do

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