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Fiction : The Diary Of A Nigerian Teenage Girl.

It was Valentine's day.....

She just came back from school with blood shot eyes and tears stinging her eyes. When she reached her room she ran to the safety of her bed to snuggle her head on the pillow. Earlier today she decided to feel among, to do what everyone else in her class was doing.

Popping collar, It was a trend for girls in Success secondary school to open the buttons of their shirts and allow their cleavage to show as well as to make their collar to be straight and strong..

Livenna decided to copy this trend because she didn't want to be called chaff by her classmates and besides no one asked her to be their val so she hoped someone would ask her at the last minute. She went to her seat and proudly sat down and occasionally turned to the back which was occupied by boys so they could perhaps admire her..

She heard giggles from the back but ignored it, she kept hearing the giggles and some of the others trying to hold laughter, she then felt insecure, she couldnt brush off the feeling anymore. She summoned courage and turned her head slightly to the back to see what's going on.

Only to see a boy acting as if he was ironing his desk.. She now heard murmurs of some boys saying iron. And if you heard anyone say that to you just know they are calling you flat... Elijah, one of her classmates was conversing with Peterhed, ' Guy, I just dey see ribs.. No better something'. It was her they we're talking about..

'So much for a valentines day', she said under her breathe. She had to be tough. No one should dare know she was sad so she put on a plastic smile..

14th of February 20** she wrote in her diary

I'm trying to trade my pen for my emotions. Trying to put my emotions into writing. Do I really need to listen to what people say about me?. Almost everyday of my life. ' Your too skinny, You don't look your age, You don't have boobs, Your nyash is too flat.'. I hear them everyday and I try to ignore it..

I couldn't even get a valentine date. Its like as am ignoring them, they are clouds staking up to become a heavy rainfall. A thunderous rainfall that hits me hard in my heart, my soul and my mind. I choke, choking tears because the voices gets too loud..

Told by someone that my bride price would be small because am not curvy and am way too dark. That they measure bride prize according to assets. I feel so less female..

Stay tuned .

Content created and supplied by: Sophia_55 (via Opera News )

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