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Fiction: My Aunt's husband is cheating!

My Aunt's husband is cheating!

Six years ago, when I was fifteen, I went to stay with my Aunt who had just given birth and had begged me to come help take care of her child because the people she left in charge of that were exploiting her and not properly taking care of her child. I was reluctant because I had never left my father's house to live with anybody, be it relative or family friend. Going to my Aunt's place will be my first time trying that. But I chose to because I loved my Aunt so much. I decided to help her.

 I moved in with them and helped take care of her son while she and her husband went to work. I had always been concious of men but I believed and trusted her husband to be a good man. Few weeks into my stay at their place made me feel quite uncomfortable. My Aunt always leave for work before her husband, leaving me alone to spend unbearable hours with her husband. Most times I always used the child as a distraction whenever her husband is around and when he leaves for work, it's a big relief for me. Though I only felt this way because of I'm wary of men, so being left alone with my Aunt husband made me anxious and worried. 

First few weeks of my stay went peacefully and I began questioning myself about my thoughts and judgements about my Aunt's husband, I thought I was being unreasonable, so I decided to relax and let my guard down. My Aunt's husband has a habit of complimenting everything I do, which also contributed to the depletion of my self-consciousness and in turn, earned my trust. My Aunt and her husband lived in a one room apartment and they had just one bed; I and my Aunt with the baby slept on the bed, while her husband slept on the sofa.

But one faithful day, my aunt had already woken up to bath the baby and I was still sleeping. I had woken up later, only to behold two red eyes staring at me with glee through the mosquito net. For a girl at my age, who had been a victim of sexual harassment, I cringed at the sight and fear immediately envelope me. All the guards that were let down and defenses that were broken quickly reformed. I don't need to be told to know the meaning behind that look and the sinister smile he gave. I didn't want to jump into conclusion, a part of me wanted to believe that my speculations and worries were not true - about the kind of man my Aunt's husband was- so I decided to thread carefully. I loved my Aunt so much, I didn't want anything that'll make her unhappy, so I did not tell her about my worries. I kept quiet all through my ordeal in that house with my Aunt's husband, even when he had tried climbing the bed with me. It had happened one day when my Aunt had left, I had finished feeding the baby and it did not take long for the baby to fall asleep, so I laid him on the sofa, my Aunt's husband who was still around tried to get in a conversation with me but I did everything I could to make it brief as possible because I anxiously wanted him to leave. But it seemed like he wasn't going to work anytime soon, so I gave up and proceeded to lie on the bed to prevent anymore conversation and hasten his leave. Who would have thought my uncle would jump into the bed with me, I was alarmed!

He asked me if I wanted to sleep, though I didn't reply, he continued and said he would sleep together with me. I sneakily slipped out of the bed with a sarcastic laughter because I wanted to play safe, I didn't want him to know that I was thinking he was going to rape me. So we just laughed it off and that day went just like that. I wanted out of that house, I wasn't comfortable anymore and my demeanour reflected it but my Aunt did not take notice of it. So I sought for a chance to leave the house without causing any ruckus and the opportunity finally came. 

To be continued...

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