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Tips that May Help You Win Back A Lady Who Rejected Your Proposal

The kind of love you have for a lady can make you wish to have her back even after she has turned your proposal down and rejected you in the public. People may ask you whether you are ok, because, to them, a lady who rejected you may not deserve you anymore.

Even though there may be other ladies who are wishing to have you, but you will want to go for her because you feel like your heart belong to her, and having her in your life will make things perfect for you. This can make you ignore any discouragement from people.

Maybe, in your case, you have given up on her. You probably felt bad by the way she rejected you and that to you is enough reason to give up on her. Well, I will say you may not just give up if you are sure that your heart belongs to her. A lady's no, may not be taken too seriously until she is married to another man, you should not give up on her that easily. She might want you to fight for the love you have for her. So, making more efforts to reach her again may produce the desire results you want. But when you want to go to her, you should follow a different approach.

Below are tips that may help you win back a lady who rejected you.Photo Credit: Dreamstime

1. See the rejection as a stepping stone. Giving up on a lady you love so much just because she turned down your proposal may not be the best thing to do. She may have done that for a purpose. So take it upon yourself to have her and overlook the rejection.

Try your best to work on yourself. Deal with all the pains you have felt as a result of the rejection. Take a piece of paper and write down why you should not give up on her. What can you say about her characters, did she give you good advice, is she supportive, what of her physical features, etc. All these can help you in recovering from the shock you got when she turned down your proposal and can make you have the energy to go back to her.

2. Try to know why she rejected you in the first place. Do not just rush back to her, give her that space, and try to know why she rejected you in the first place. If you can know why then you are making steady progress and you may soon have her fully back for yourself alone.

3. Go back to her as a friend. This time around, remove the extra care you use to give her before she rejected your proposal. Just be a friend. Let her know that you are not angry with her. This can make her have a re-think over what she has done. She may have been expecting you to get angry, and that can mark the beginning of a turning point in her. She may start seeing you from a different angle. A man who will never maltreat her in marriage.

4. Try to have an interest in what she has an interest in. Try to align yourself with her interest. This can start making the two of you have a special interest in each other. It will increase your chance of coming together and seeing each other. Just maintain your normal friendship. Don't get attached too soon. Greet her and go your way. If she needs to buy something, offer to buy and take your leave when you are done. If she is going your way, go together and use the medium of your coming together to prove to her that you have changed. You already know why she rejected your proposal. So act differently and make her desire you back. When she senses that the care aspect is missing, she will want you back.

6. Have patience with her. Give her time while you focus on your actions and attitudes around her. If she calls, you may ignore her calls and later call her back when you wish. Just tell her that you saw her missed calls. If she sends a text, reply to her in a neutral mood. Even though you know that she now wants you back, don't rush things.

7. Re-apply and she will accept you. If you are sure that you have worked on the reasons why she rejected your proposal in the first place and you know that she now has feelings for you. If she apologizes for the way she rejected your proposal, tell her not to bother and that you have forgiven her a long time ago because of the love you have for her. Accept her apology by hugging her and whisper in her ear that she is still the one you want. Now that you are sure that she has a deeper interest in you, you can propose to her and she should accept you this time around.

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