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3 Steps to Rebuilding the Most Important Relationships in Your Life

I spent lots of years before I could tell my partner what I wanted in a relationship. I wrote down my request in a paper and gave it to him to read. It took me a lot of courage to make that happen, because I don't know if he would disagree or not. 

My request didn't aid anything because my partner didn't respect any of my request and i was afraid of divorce. Because of this, I have to reposition and restructured how I see and live my life. 

The Truth is, many people have forgotten themselves because they have a love partner. Your relationship with Yourself goes a long way to determine your relationship with other people. That's why I invite you to see how you can actually take steps in other to improve your relationship with Yourself.

1. Decide how you desire the relationship to feel.

You have to take your time and answer this for your own self. Your desire on how the relationship should be is to be considered.

2. Ask, “What can I shift in me to create what I desire?”

The hard truth that most people falls to acknowledge is that you can only change yourself. No other person will do that for you. You can't force another person to be in a relationship with you when they aren't committed. That's why you have to determine what you can do differently. 

3. Communicate how you feel from an “I” Perspective.

You don't have to limit your richness potential. You have to tell your partner how you feel about something.

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