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12 Filthy Ways to Win a Playboy’s Heart in The Moment

A playboy can really make the women go mad. His cockiness, empty talks and false hopes are some of the things he is known for. With his look and his charm, he might make you fall for him. No shame in that though. A player can be loyal and turn out to be the perfect guy once he’s found ‘the one’.

But first, you need to know how to make him fall for you by doing these ways to win a playboy’s heart:

1. See the Positive

You need to prepare yourself as a way to win a playboy’s heart. Understanding his world and accepting his traits, characters and habit is a must even though it could get difficult sometimes. Slowly see the world through his eyes so you can see his positive sides.

A playboy’s behaviors can be irritating and concerning but see the bright side. You’ll gain a great opportunity to have a lot of new friends and connections through him as he befriends a lot of people. Who knows, you might need them in the future.

2. Don’t Take it to Heart

Once you’re in love with a player, you know exactly what you’re in for. You’ve heard or seen it all before. A playboy loves to charm and flirt with every girl he meets. Don’t take it to heart when you see this particular trait come into action. Being upset won’t change his behaviour. Act casual and don’t get too carried away when he’s flirting with you.

3. Be Open

To get close to him, you need to be able to open yourself up. Frequently talk to him and tell him things about you. Pour everything that’s in your heart when you’re conversing with him. A player still has a heart.No matter how much he acts out, he’ll change once he has found the person he finds comfort in. So, be someone he trusts. Be his friend that he can talk to and joke around with.

4. Be Mysterious

Being open will help you attract him but give add a bit of mystery. Keep some things to yourself. When he asks you about it, refuse to tell him. Say it’s a really private matter. This will make players to go all crazy for you. They love mystery and wants to figure you out. It’s a challenge that they are happy to take.

5. Keep Him Curious

Bait him with curiosity. Make a part of yourself so secretive so he’ll want to know more. This way, he won’t get bored. Players are easily turned off by someone who is willing to give out too much. This is a game for them and it will make him pay more attention to you.

6. Be Unique

ways to win a playboy’s heart? By unique we mean to be someone who acts different than other women. Most women would be flattered and charmed by a playboy. They’ll give out a smile and might flirt back. As for you, be different. Act cool. Don’t fall for his pick-up lines or his compliments. Even if you do, keep it all to yourself. Maintain a cool body language. It will intrigue him.

7. Ignore Him

Acting like you don’t care about him is another good way to win a playboy’s heart. He’s so used to having women all over him but he’ll take your attitude as refreshing. This is another challenge for him. He’ll want to make you fall for him too.

8. Turn it into a Challenge

In case you haven’t noticed, challenge is the key here. Make it hard for him to pursue you. Don’t go easy for him as that would mean that he’s won. Make him chase you and keep him interested.

Make him feel as if there’s a wall around your heart that he can’t get tear down. Give him a bit of attention but not too much. Keep him begging for more and he’ll be yours in no time.

9. Confess Your Love at the Right Time

Once a player is truly, madly in love with you, he will be the first one to say it out loud. But, you can also confess your love to him. Only do this when it feels right. When you feel that you can finally trust him and see that his intention is pure then you can tell him you love him. He will love you more by this. 

10. Don’t be Possessive

When you’ve successfully established a relationship with a playboy, remember to never be possessive. A player can turn loyal to a girl he truly loves but a change of behaviour from you can change all that. When you become too possessive, you’ll make him become a player again. Being over protective might make him sick of you.

11. Understand His Needs

Your man wants your attention. A player needs love from his girlfriend as well. Try to cater to his every need. If he’s being unclear, directly asks him to avoid fights. You’ve worked hard to be with him so don’t just lose it over a miscommunication and misunderstanding.

12. Don’t Limit Him

Giving freedom is also a way to win a playboy’s heart. Don’t limit him on the things that he wants to do. Also, don’t be bossy. He’s already found comfort in you so don’t take that away from him. Treat him with respect and he’ll forever be loyal to you.

A relationship with a playboy is a lot of work. But he’s a charmer and he’s a loyal one if you’re also willing to put a lot of effort for that happy ending. That’s your pretty ways to win a playboy’s heart.

Content created and supplied by: Forzamuyiwa (via Opera News )

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