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With no hands and legs, he is still married to this beautiful woman with 4 lovely kids(see photos)

He was born without hands and legs but this young beautiful lady married him and they have four lovely kids together, two boys and two girls.

Love they said is a beautiful thing. True love really matters in very relationship, at times love is not all about money or material things but about our personalities, it is not about what we drive but what drives us. This beautiful young lady here has proven that indeed true love exsits and that true love is unconditional, it neglects all faults, true love does not lay its bases on the present situations but on what the future holds.what this young lady did is indeed a difficult and a selfless act.

What will be will be no matter the situations!

The question is this.............

Ladies can you marry such a man?

Guys can you marry a lady in such condition?

Leave your answers on the comment section below....

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