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See What Happen As She Could Not Save Her Twin Sister

They were so beautiful and lovely at the same time, they are twin and they were very cute that everyone in their community love them both.

At 26 years of age they were still virgins, they know man in their lives, In fact they are well kept, they were best of friend, they do things together, the washed, play, sings, go out together, where ever one goes the other will also. There parents were really proud of them. This twin were the perfect examples to our siblings should live together.

At their early age, they were both given a gift, the gift was given to them to help them become great in life, the gift has a battery and a light on it. They were meant to keep the gift until they are about to get marry to their dream man, they were told to check the gift each day of their lives and they should recharge it as soon as possible. What could this gift be? They wonder, how precious could that be, they asked each other. As time goes on they did as they were instructed.

One day the one of the twin became tired of recharging the gift, the other tried to encourage her but she was unwilling to continue, the other half was busy recharging hers, still she didn't know what the gift was intended for.

On one faithful day, two great men came into the community, they were so rich and handsome, they were also twin, the two twin sister were so in love with them but the only chance they have is to present there gift to the men, in other which they could be no union.

The twin sister ran back home to get there gift but only one gift was charged the other battery got empty, the one with her gift took her gift to her man while she couldn't saved her sister's gift, she got marry while the sister was left rejected. Many men they rejected before mocked her and laughed at her, she couldn't bear it then she committed suicide.

I know you are wondering what kind of story is this, but please pay some attention, we are all given a gift, a gift that will determine our existence, the gift is the Word of God, we are suppose to be recharge everyday of our lives. Some of us have committed our self's, some of us our light is dying yet we don't care, now we are using the light of our pastors, our preachers but a day will come there light can't save us, a day will come where we will just stand and even our twin can't save us. The world will mocked us when will miss that chance, please let be careful with our soul. Don't mind the errors please just try and get the message.

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