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3 Noticeable Things In Grand P And Eudoxie Yao's Friendship After Their Break Up

Just some days after Eudoxie Yao openly declared that she was no longer with Grand P, I have currently noticed these 2 things about her and Grand on social media. They claim they are no longer together, but they do certain things together that say otherwise.

1) They still meet.

Eudoxie Yao claims that she is no longer with Grand P, but they still meet and have fun together. I noticed that these two couples are still seeing each other just the way they used to see each other in the last, although Eudoxie Yao used to call him her ex, it's crystal. Clear that they are still having fun just the way they used to have it before.

Photo Credit: Eudoxieyao/Instagram.

2) Take love-up photos together.

The second thing I noticed is they still take photos together, in fact, they still do live video together on Facebook. This is one of the normal things this couple used to do before they opened up on their breakup, I'm still surprised they still do all of this, Eudoxie Yao was seen in a video call on Facebook sitting on Grand P's laps, she went as far as posting their photos on Instagram and Facebook, and she captioned it Grand p asked her to sit on his lap, if he eventually doesn't walk well, his fans shouldn't come for her.

3) They look happy together.

I have also noticed, that these lovers looks happy together, they claim they are no longer together, but they look happy together, according to what made them to have issues, they are not supposed to be having that kind of closeness if Eudoxie still calls him Ex, it's crystal clear, that these people still love themselves even after the breakup, because it is written all over their photos, they truly love each other.

Photo Credit: Eudoxieyao/Instagram.

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