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I Found This Money in My 13 Years Old Daughter's Bag: How She Got It Broke My Heart(Fiction)

Have you ever trusted you child so much that you would believe that they couldn't do anything wrong ? Some of us as parents sometimes think that our children are perfect and better than other people's, when in reality they're no better and sometimes even worse. This fiction article is a story about how I found the sum of two hundred and sixty thousand naira in my 13 years old daughter bag. Upon finding out how she got the money I couldn't believe it and I was completely heart broken.

Here's my story.

I am a single dad to 13 years old Jennifer. My daughter and I live alone in a very nice 3 bedroom apartment and we were very close and had each other backs because she's all i got and I'm all she got.

I work in a hospital and because of this I sometimes have to work night shifts. On the nights in which I have to work nights, my daughter stays at home alone. I know how dangerous that can be but what can I do ? I have to work to be able to provide for her and I thank God so much because Jennifer might only be thirteen years old, she's well matured beyond her years. She had to grow up fast after what happened to her mom.

One morning when I got home from a long night shift at the hospital, Jennifer had already left for school on her bicycle after she prepared tea and had it with the last of the bread we had in the refrigerator. I decided to go into her room, get some of her dirty clothes for laundry so that when she comes home from school she won't have to do anything but her homework. As I went through her bag, I found a purse inside . As I opened it, I found 260,000 naira inside. I was shocked, where on earth did she get such an amount of money.

I calmed myself down and waited for her to come home. When she got home and I asked her about how she came about such an amount of money she confessed immediately. She said the money belongs to her and that her boyfriend gave it to her.

What ? Boyfriend ? How on earth does a 13 year old girl have a boyfriend, not to talk of one that gives her such an amount. After a lot of questions she revealed that the boyfriend was a guy in the neighborhood. After I did my research on him by looking through his social media I found out he was a 21 years old guy who I know for sure to be a yahoo boy. I don't understand, the main reason why I work so hard, day and night is because I want to be able to provide everything she needs. And believe me, she doesn't lack anything. She even uses an iPhone 11 pro max. What else does she want ? I am heartbroken. I don't know what to do.

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