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7 awkward situations that occur in every new relationship

Getting into a new relationship is quite an exciting affair. With all the ‘firsts’ like the first time holding hands, first time hugging, first time going on a trip, etc. comes the feeling of excitement and thrill. Though the start of a new relationship is the “honeymoon” period, there are many awkward situations too that are bound to happen.

Let’s be honest: new relationships can be all sorts of discomfort.

For all their lust-filled goodness, they’re filled with cringe-worthy moments that you’ll laugh about come your six-month anniversary. But until then, they can be awkward.

If you’re in a steamy new summer situation, you’ve probably been reminded of this recently.

From first fights to first farts, there is always room for some sort of discomfort, embarrassment or less-than-ideal situation when a relationship is fresh. The good news is that they happen to everyone, and you’ve both been there before.

Here are 7 awkward situations that happen in every new relationship.

​The accidental insult

When you are first getting to know someone, there is a lot you don’t know about them. It is easy to insult something that they are passionate about – football, paintings, street plays. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to get yourself out of this situation.

The meet-cute. 

When you first meet your partner, everything might be super cute and perfect, but more often than not, something is super awkward, at least in my experience. If a friend is introducing you two, maybe you go in for a hug and they go in for a handshake.

The first kiss. 

Yes, there is a good chance your first kiss was perfection. It could have been stars and rainbows and just the perfect amount of everything. But sometimes the first kiss is like the kiss *AHEM*. You are still feeling each other out.

One of you used too much tongue. Some ate onions with dinner. Or you just couldn’t get a good flow going. This gives you a chance for round two.

The first kiss might be awkward, but pulling back and trying it again is one of the most adorably awkward moments in a new relationship all of us experience.

The first sleepover.

 From actually trying to sleep next to another human being that might snore, talk in their sleep, or even kick to wearing no makeup, being puffy, and even having morning wood… the first sleepover is full of adorably awkward moments.

This is the first time you are seeing so much of each other in a new light. And it is sweet to let your guard down and really be comfortable around each other.

The First Time You Talk About Exes.

Talking about exes for the first time can be a little awkward because he might ask you how many guys you’ve slept with or if you’ve ever cheated on anyone.

Ir he might reveal that his ex girlfriend is your favorite actress, which is unsettling in a whole different kind of way. The best thing to do in this situation is to be mostly honest, but remain calm.

The First Time You Have To Poop At His House.

Ugh. You’ve done everything you can to not drink coffee over at his place when you sleep over, but this morning he surprised you with breakfast in bed. Cute, but now you’re poop-tastic and have literally no idea how much longer you can hold it. It’s bound to happen eventually, and you don’t need the reminder that it’s totally normal, but it’s still weird.

Meeting each other’s parents

What’s more awkward than meeting the people who gave birth to the person you’re sleeping with? They are watching and judging everything you do. As a new relationship drifts into a more serious phase, this is something you will have to experience and it’s a pretty awkward experience.

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