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6 Things to Look for in a Lady Before Dating Her

A lady may seem perfect for you and most of your friends may also love her, but it doesn't really tell she is perfect for you to date, if you really want to take the relationship serious.

So if you really love that lady, and want to take things serious with her, then check out for the below qualities, and if she has 90% of the listed qualities in her, then you can ask her out (to date you), and you will surely enjoy that relationship.

1. Her Commitment / Respect for You:

That Lady should value you, and see you as an essential person, that way she will also value you in the relationship and also obey the things you say as a man. Make sure she is not just flinging around with you because if she does, and you date her, she won't change and won't regard you nor the relationship, which will always lead to fighting. 

Her respect for you should be high, that way you will enjoy that relationship because your woman offers you the respect you need, and you also as a man is needed to respect her also. 

2. Have a good money saving ability:

Not every lady can save money, what they are always conscious of is to spend and spend. Every lady who can save, has a good future plan, but when she is bent on just spending, and always has nothing or no savings with her, I will advise you stay away from such woman because she won't advise you to also save, rather trigger you to spend more than save. 

3. Have Plans in Life:

You need to be with a lady who has plans for the future. The lady who makes plans of how to be great and not just anyhow woman without future plans. 

4. She Must be Romantic:

An unromantic girl cannot make a man happy because men love it when their woman is romantic and know how to make him feel loved in a good and romantic way. 

5. She always offers you a listening Ear, and values your opinion:

Stay with a woman who values you, and always listens to your opinion. So take your time to study her if she has a listening ear for you, and how much she values you. Check out for how much she values your opinion, that will make you both enjoy your union. 

6. She Should Have a Good Fashion Sense:

Men are attracted to what they see, and every man will love it if his woman dresses good always. So make sure she has a good fashion sense and can dress attractively to keep you. 

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