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Shouldn't 'Toothpaste' Be Called 'Teethpaste' Instead? (Opinion).

When we look deeply in most words used by people, we realize that there are a couple of mistakes that ought to be changed but we do not know if we have the power to do such. The fact is that it isn't our language but a borrowed language from another country.

Looking deeply at the word 'Toothpaste', it does not only sound wrong but is wrong. Tooth means on single piece out of the 36 teeth in the mouth of an human being.

Since Tooth is singular and teeth is plural then what do you think is actually the problem here. The 'Toothpaste' is used to brush the teeth not just a single tooth so why shouldn't it be called 'Teethpaste'.

It not only sounds right, but according to the principle of singular and plural in the English language or, doesn't it?

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