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10 ways to improve your kissing skill

It is clearly known to and generally accepted by everyone that kissing is an important part of a relationship. Every relationship can't do without it as it is one of the first magical feeling in a relationship. Since kissing is the first physical contact made with your partner, you gotta make things go smoothly or else you end uo ending what's yet to start.

A great kiss is wonderful, everyone wants to have a kiss that makes them feel some butterflies in their stomach,they want a kiss that leaves them wanting for more.

The effect of a great kiss is just like that of a drug, as it release the neurotransmitter known as Dopamine which increases pleasure and leaves one craving for more. Every guy and every girl wants someone who can get all these done. It doesn't matter if you're a bad kisser or a good one, you can always get better. Here are few points that will improve you.

1)Keep your lips moisturized:- can you imagine yourself kissing a very dry lips, it makes you feel uncomfortable right? that's exactly what unmoisturized lips do for you. Make your lips wet this is the first step. Drink some water before your kiss,this helps moisturized the lips.

2)Follow your partner's lead:- The best way to figure out your partner's choice of kiss is to notice carefully how they do it. Not everyone kisses the same way,so if you noticed that your partner has a different techniques from yours,learn your partner's techniques,as it makes the both comfortable.

3)If need be take the lead:- some people are timid,they felt they can't do it right. Once you notice thus, taking the lead helps your partner stay comfortable and satisfied

4) Have the tongue verses lips chat:- most people prefer lippy kiss,while others enjoy tongue kisses. The reason for individual choice because that's what they know or that's what they want. Either way it is good to discuss it to know what's individual want.

5) Swallowing spit is gross:- it is quiet disgusting to swallow spit during the session. It makes your partner feel uncomfortable,so try to avoid this.

6)Tilt your head a little:- the best way to get rid of that excess spit and to catch air is to wait, tilt the head a little to the left or right.

7)Gently suck on the lips:- this is a very important move, sucking on the lips gently and softly help the body release Dopamine which in turn increases pleasure.

Don't make it too fast or too slow, you'll freak your partner out

8)Use your hands:- don't just stand there like a tree, move your hands gently and softly around her body,it increases the pleasure.

9)Close you eyes:- this helps you concentrate, helps you feel the vibe.

10)Just enjoy what you are doing

11) Relax you've got this:- relax yourself you don't need to be worried about anything,all your attention there.

12)Give positive feedback to each other:- when you're enjoying the moments,stop a bit and let them know how good they are doing,you can also seize the opportunity to catch a breath to.

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