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English Language: Introduction to Parts of Speech!

Whenever we have something to say, we use words. There are thousands of words in the English Language. Each of them performs a particular function. In fact, words are classified into eight classes based on the work they do. To speak and write effectively, you must first master the parts of speech. Let us now look at each of them.

1. Nouns :Nouns are naming words. They are the names of people, animals, places or things.

Examples : man, John, Lagos, book, cat, etc.

2. Pronouns : Pronouns are used to replace nouns. In fact, pronouns are words that are used in place of nouns.

Examples : he, I, she, you, me, we, us, them, it.

3. Verbs : Verbs are action words. They tell us what a person or something does in a sentence.

Examples : eat, pray, sing, shout, read, talk, etc

4. Adjectives : Adjectives are describing words. They are used to describe nouns and pronouns.

Examples : kind, fat, sweet, bitter, tall, short

5. Adverbs : These are describing words, too. They qualify verbs, adjectives or other adverbs in a sentence.

Examples : slowly, quickly, happily, fast, hard, well, etc

6. Conjunctions : These are joining words. They are used to join letters, words, phrases or clauses.

Examples : but, and, or, nor, because, etc

7. Prepositions : These are words that show the relationship between one person and another or between one thing and another.

Examples : in, at, from, within, among, about, etc

8. Interjections: These are words that express sudden feelings of pain, joy, anger, etc. They usually end with an interjection mark (!).

Examples : Oh!, Ah!, Hello!, Hurrah!, etc.

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