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10 Sad Truths About Life Everyone Should Know

There are many things about this life that are sad but we still keep walking because that’s the right thing to do.

1. As we grow old our friend circle gets smaller.

2. Life has no purpose, there is no correct career path and there is not a single special person you are destined to meet.

3. Being an adult is no more on the future plans considering adults are not strong and free, but rather scared and emotionally trapped people who have learned how to remain calm.

4. It is impossible to stay positive all the time no matter how much you hear it or preach it to others.

5. Someone will definitely break your heart.

6. No matter how good a person you are, wrong things will continue to happen and your faith in karma will be reduced to dust.

7. Death is inevitable, friends, family or yourself.

8. You are on your own when life punches you on the face.

9. NO matter how much you say it doesn’t matter, you do compare your life with others for good or for worst.

10. We keep running after illusionary perfection.

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