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Men how true is this picture that have caused reactions on social media?

If you call ten married men, sit them down and ask each one of them the best way to have a happy home? They will all say different thing. But there is something that they will mention in union, their wife. A woman can decide to make a man happy, and she can also decide to make the life of a man terrible. The way a woman treats a man depend on the man's behavior to her. Woman are the home builders. If the home of a man is always on fire (figuratively), the man will not be happy. 

This picture above was posted on social media, and the words on the picture says "For a happy life give the money to your wife".

How true are these words? These words have a deep meaning. And it cut across all marriages depending on how you see it. 

As a man, do you believe that if you do as the words on the tipper says, you will have an happy life? Comment below. 

See some reactions below;

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