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5 weird things ladies do while on their period

Ladies menstrual period is one thing they cannot easily deal with or get used to. In short it is a natural phenomenon that has to be accepted with all arms. One thing that no one would argue about is the fact that ladies exhibit attitudes that are weird during their monthly period. Five of such attitudes are:

1. Mood swing: during period, most ladies become moody and some easily become angry. For some ladies, they can become anti social for that period of time.

2. Hunger: most ladies will crave for all sorts of food but will always end up eating less. They just want to eat anything perceived by their nose.

3. Sleeping: most ladies completely spend their time while on period on bed. They just want to sleep and do nothing.

4. Running stomach: some ladies while on period also develop a running stomach. The bear the pain of cramp and running stomach at the same time.

5. Excessive desire to drink water every time. She would be having frequent urge to drink water.

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