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Stop Praying For A Man; Pray That Your Eyes Should Be Open To The Right Choices Of Men -Blessing CEO

A lot of ladies are very desperate about getting married to the extent that they pray and wish for things that will hurt them in the long run.

They may get deceived by men who package themselves and they begin to pray and adopt any method to have such men to themselves even though they don't know much about them.

Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has advised ladies to stop praying for a man. According to her, ladies should pray that their eyes should be open to the right choices of men. She further stated that the prayer point of certain ladies is their problem.

Many would argue that the statement that Blessing CEO made shows that having the opportunity to choose from different men gives a lady a chance to think properly about the best partner for them.

Some ladies may think that responsible men are scarce but it is only because they are not searching well enough.

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