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What Is This Guy Doing Down The Feet Of This Lady?

What Is This Guy Doing Down The Feet Of This Lady?

I have seen a lot of scenarios where lovers do some crazy things on the street for love and all of that. Guys do take out their babes and create some funny scenes which attracts public attention. 

Some guys would propose to the lady of their dream in Public to make it look more unique and honourable. Some would go on to kneel before the lady to tie her shoe lace and the rest which is fine.

The one I don't understand is what this guy is actually doing in this picture.When a guy pose in front of a lady like this, it means he is tying her shoe lace but funny enough, the lady is on bathroom slippers. 

I really laughed so hard when I saw this picture and funny enough, i couldn't fathom what the young man is doing.

What is he really doing down there?

Say something o, what is he tying?

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