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3 Secrets You Should Never Tell Anyone

Having friends around you is very good and nice but these days many friends have become enemy of progress all in the name of some certain secrets which one release about his or herself.

Many things are going wrong these days because we are ignorance of the fact that individual is required to keep secrets of his life to himself and family members alone. In short, it's not even everything about your self you should disclose to your family because there are still enemy of progress in so many families today.

This article is here in order to guide you on how to live your life before your friends. The fact is that Some friends can only pretend to be your friends when things are going Fine with you but once things are hard for you they will run away from you.

One of the way you know that you are rolling with right friends in your life is that: they will stand by you on the day of danger, pray for you and advice you on how you go. But if you are not lucky enough to have such kinds of friends then you have to be very careful about how you relate with them.

Bellow Are 3 Things You Should Never Tell Your Friends About Your Self.

1# The Amount Of Your Salary/ Business Money. 

Like I said earlier, if you are not lucky to have good friends who will advice you, pray for you and stand with you please don't release your secret to them anyhow because you may regrets it later. 

Some persons are enemy of progress that is, once you tell them how much you are taking in a month they will become jealous of you and may further think of how to harm your life. 

So many innocent people have died because of lack of this thing in our society today. But thank God that you have discover by the help of this message now. 

You don't still need to tell them how much profit you earn as a business man or woman because they may plan against you on how to kill you and claim your business or properties.

2# Your Family Secrets.

This particular mistakes is done by many people including myself but I have come to know that this is turning to something else in our world today. Perhaps you have some family problem that is not for the consumption of the public and ignorantly you start telling your guys all in the name of love. You are indirectly killing your self but don't know.

Please don't disclose any of your family secrets to anybody no matter how much you love them.

3# Your Future Plans.

The only person you should tell him your future plans is God because he said“Commit your ways in to his hands and it shall help you grant it.” Some friends are not really friends because of what is happening. When you have any body as peers you are advice not tell him or her what you aim to do years to come.

Please ensure you share this message to the large society thanks.

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