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3 Questions You Should Not Ask Your Man

In a relationship, communication is key. You should communicate with your partner often but don't encroach on them by asking them for some personal information. As a woman do think it's normal to ask your man everything? It's is not everything you say or ask your man as a lady because some questions you might ask them will make them feel uncomfortable in the relationship.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some things you should not ask your man in other not to make them feel uncomfortable and insecure.

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1) Frequently asking him if he loves you

Do you need to ask your man frequently if he loves you? Asking your man frequently if he loves can be unhealthy. It is a sign you don't trust your man or you are not sure of him and also asking him such questions will make him feel insecure and uncomfortable. It is advisable not to ask your man if he loves you frequently.

2) Do you still love your ex?

How would you feel, if your man is asking you if you still love your ex, the guy that cheated on you and broke your heart? After a breakup, it is expected for a man to move on. Asking your man if he still loves his ex can be annoying and it shows how insecure you feel about your relationship with him which can be unhealthy to your relationship.

3) Are you still in contact with your ex?

Why should you ask your man if he is still in contact with his ex? It is insecure for you to ask your man if he is still in contact with his ex. It shows you don't trust him thereby thinking he is still having an affair with his ex. Avoid this question it is unhealthy for your relationship.

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