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"What's It With Guys and Pride" People React As This Engagement Picture Surfaces On Facebook

In Africa, it's a tradition that when a male child is old and capable enough to stay on his own, the best thing to do is for him to follow due procedures and get married to the lady of his choice.

One of the procedures which one has to follow before getting married or settling down with his future partner is to propose.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in proposing to your dream girl, but the main concern of many is how it's been done by men particularly in Africa. 

Many are of the believe that kneeling down to ask your girl to marry you is disgracing and uncultured, claiming that the ladies no longer show respect towards the men any longer.

We all know that the popular way through which a guy propose to a girl, is for him to kneel down and then bring out the engagement ring to put on her finger, but what I say on facebook was totally different.

In the picture above you could see the girl kneeling down while accepting the ring from her husband to be. Since the post was shared on Facebook, it has generated lots of reactions from Nigerians on the platform

Well I don't know for you guys but I think the right thing to do is for the man to go on his kneels and not the other way round.

So what are you thought, is this wrong or right.

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