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Take A look At The Age Difference Between A Woman And Her 30-Year Old Daughter That Look Like Twins

A woman and her 30-year old daughter have seemed to confuse people around them with their looks. People who don't know the pair personally would think that they are sisters or even twins. Well, one could easily be misled by their looks because they resemble each other very much.

Dawn Hubsher is an American from Florida, US, she has the exact same image of her 30-year old daughter named Cher. Dawn who is a matured woman still looks quite young and as such you might think that she and her young daughter are age mates. The pair say that people confuse them for sisters despite having an obvious age difference of 30 years.

A 30-year age gap exist between them because the mother is currently 60-years old while her daughter is 30-years old. The daughter named Cher says that she felt a bit weird as a young when because of her youthful-looking mother. She says that she grew to love her mother as she is.

Cher says that people started thinking that looked similar since she was only fifteen years old. She says that she wanted her mother to look like a typical mom but she changed her views when she grew up and learnt to accept her mom as she is.

While the mother named Dawn who revealed the secret to her youthful looks said that she does exercise, sleeps alot, drinks water, does skincare treatment and she has a good plant-based diet.

In the photo above, between A and B, who do you think is the mother? Please comment below and thanks for your time.

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