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How To Be A Better Husband: 10 Tips That Work

Marriage can be an extremely wonderful experience if you know how to be a good husband. More often than not, marriages end for reasons that could have been solved and fixed with a few changes in behavior.

Unfortunately, by the time most men figure out where they’ve gone wrong, it’s too late. Their marriage has dissolved and they’re left with a ton of heartbreak and regret.

This doesn’t have to be the case for you. The following tips on how to be a better husband could help fix your marriage and keep it healthy.

1. Always make time for your wife.

Here’s something I realized a long time ago – life never slows down. The perfect time to be present for the ones you love doesn’t exist. You have to make the time and I cannot emphasize how important that is in a marriage. You know what I’m talking about. You both may be living under the same roof but living different lives. Don’t allow the rat race of life to completely steal you away from that and those which matter most to you.

Make some time in your day to be with your wife. Ask her how’s she doing, what’s on her mind and if there’s anything you can do to help her. She’ll absolutely love this about you. Trust me!

2. Keep courting your wife.

Given that you’re married, it’s not uncommon for that novelty of being with your partner to wear off. It happens to everyone. But, romance and love require fuel. Feed the soil that homes the tree and it will thrive. The things you did to make your wife fall in love with you are the things you should continue to do to keep her in love with you. Don’t change into an unromantic slouch now that you’ve put a ring on her finger.

3. Be spontaneous and romantic.

Live with someone for long enough and the monotony of routine will creep up on you. That’s when it becomes imperative for you to mix things up and add excitement to your relationship. Go out to new places. Surprise your wife with romantic texts or calls. Buy her flowers and chocolates when she least expects it. It’s these little gestures that keep the romance alive.

4. Pay attention to her needs.

What she needs from you before marriage will obviously change after marriage. Take a moment to ask her what she needs and be willing to hear what she says. A lot of men get annoyed at their wives for constantly complaining but, what they don’t realize is that they put her in that position. If they were to make her feel heard and understood, things would be vastly different and she would not need to complain.

5. Don’t take her for granted.

A good wife is bound to do a lot to help, support, and love her husband. In fact, if we’re being honest, women become the backbone of any household. The soul of the family. Noticing and appreciating her efforts will go a long way in making her feel happy. Notice what she does, be grateful and graceful. Thank her and spoil her for all of her contributions.

6. Be her pillar of support.

In a healthy marriage, partners support and nurture each other through times of trials and tribulations. When your wife is going through a tough time, be her sounding board, and support structure. She may not even need you to do anything other than supporting her as she attempts to deal with an obstacle. Be there for her. Let her know you’re rooting for her and she has someone to catch her if she falls.

7. Maintain a healthy distance from other women.

To avoid unnecessary problems, temptation, and drama in your love life, draw a line between you and other women. Don’t be overly friendly and don’t put yourself in a position of compromising your marriage. Find out what your wife is comfortable with and try to respect that. The last thing you want to do is plant doubt in her mind. It will corrode the very foundation of your marriage.

8. Treat her like she’s your main priority.

In my culture, it’s still considered obligatory for the husband to provide for his wife with whatever she needs. We are expected to treat her with the same level of love and respect that her father did or would. I think this is something that seems to be missing in modern Western culture if I’m being brutally honest. I’m not saying this is the case for everyone though. The ones who are actually happily married encompass this sort of approach in their life and it works wonders. The others seem to be caught up in a narrative that doesn’t actually facilitate happiness within a marriage.

9. Avoid lying to her.

Trust is at the very core of any and all relationships. Without trust, you have nothing. The relationship is doomed to fail at the first sign of trouble. Don’t lie to your wife about things. Be honest and own up to a mistake. Most of the time, it isn’t the action itself that ends a marriage but the lack of honesty.

10. Encourage her to try new things with you.

Routines can be amazing but, they always come with the risk of monotony and boredom. Falling into a comfort zone can and will suck the excitement of life out of you. To avoid this, you must try new and exciting things. Focus on self-development and encourage your wife to join you. Together, you can have fun, grow as individuals, and develop a better understanding of each other as a team.

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