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If You Want To Live Long, Here Are 5 Things You Should Learn To Avoid About Women

The first purpose of a man's life is to live long and make things happen. Every man on Earth is here for a reason, and that reason must be fulfilled before you leave the planet's soil. Because of one mistake or another, some men were unable to achieve their goals. Some of these flaws are related to the situation of women. If you look around the world today, you'll notice that widows have a higher rate than widowers. One explanation could be because most widowers remarry, while another could be that certain men die because they have so many obligations and pressures. Some people die as a result of women's problems, and on that note, I would advise all men to neglect or avoid certain aspects of women in order to live a long life.

I'll start with your bachelorhood as an example of what to avoid.

1. Don't drag a girl around with other people.

I don't agree with the concept of "if you love her, fight to get her back." Why would a man fight for a girl? She would not have fallen into another man's arms if she really loved you. You can see someone better than her and she isn't the only girl on the planet. Instead of trying to recover her, you should let her go. During the fight, you may be killed or, more likely, commit murder.

Learn to stay away from it.

2. Do not be envious of others.

More than anything else, envy destroys the spirit. You are just throwing your heart into emotional turmoil as you become jealous of any man she sees around her. She would be drawn to other men in the same way she was attracted to you. Try to understand why, because you're still dating her, she's allowed to be around men; after all, she's a woman. Some men are so jealous that they become enraged when their girl receives calls from other men; why not calm down before you kill yourself with jealousy? No man, no matter how hard they try, will be able to take your love away from you.

Let's fast forward to when you're married.

3. Stay away from her nagging.

Because of their temperament, some women are naturally gifted in this field, and it is critical that you recognize this. Just because she nags doesn't mean you should use her as a punching bag or start nagging yourself. When she starts nagging, as a man, you must still maintain your composure. Try to recognize that she is enraged at the time and stay away from her until she calms down. To prevent inputting your own frustration, I recommend that you leave the house whenever it begins to rain. When you return home after a few days away, buy her something and all will stop. There are no duplicates in existence, so don't make it more difficult for yourself. I know a lot of men who have died as a result of domestic abuse, and I'm sure you have as well. Fighting with your wife is pointless, so try to stop it.

4. Keep an eye on your female children.

You can give them all the training you want when they are still growing up, but once they are adults, you must recognize that you will no longer be able to control them fully. When you see that they have begun to go in the wrong direction, sit them down and reason with them. If they continue, don't push it; simply step back to prevent an early grave. Experience is also the greatest instructor. Perhaps after some life experience, they will know that life is not a bed of roses. I've seen daughters murder their fathers in various ways simply because the man doesn't want them to flex with whoever they want. Leave her to God when you try to reason with her and she refuses to listen. He will teach her some lessons by practice.

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